1.4x8mm/2.12x12mm FDX-B ISO11784/5 RFID implant chip syringe Animal microchip for pets dog cat fish farm horse veterinary clinic

Brand Name: FAREAD
Model Number: FRD025N1-N2/FRD026N1-N2
Power: Passive Card
Read Range: reader and environment dependent
Recognition Mode: Read Only
Chip Capacity: 512 bits
Contours: ISO Card
Chip Type: Contactless ID Card
Frequency: 134.2kHz
Size: 2.12*12mm/1.4*8mm
Standard: ISO11784/785 FDX-B
Chip Type: EM4305
Chip Material: Bioglass with Parylene coating
Package: Sterilized pouch
Application: fish, mouse,cat ,dog,pets, small animal identification
Certificate: ICAR Certificate
Key Features: implantable Microchip, lifetime tracking
Needle: bevel Sharper needle
Microchip Guarantee: Guarantee for life.(except incorrect use or bite broken)
Syringe: ergonomic finger grips
Technology: Anti-migration
Barcode: Contains 8pcs adhesive-sticker