2 In 1 Pet Bed Cushion Sleeping Sofa


 NEW DESIGN - All the same features as the previous calming bed but the new design comes with an attached covering similar to a cave. This is perfect for cats as they love to be fully engulfed when they sleep! Each color comes with an option for the interior to be plush or not. Not having any plush in the interior will help odor escape faster!

 ENSURES BETTER SLEEP - Thanks to its Round Shape and Super Soft, Plush material, a feeling of safety and security is guaranteed to ALL pets as the material combined with the shape mimics a fur mothers embrace! 

 VERSATILE DESIGN - Available in several timeless colors, our pet beds are a seamless addition to any room’s décor! The base of the bed is non-slip and, water-resistant, helping to prevent any accidental messes from reaching your floors! 

 EASES ANXIETY - The raised rim creates a Sense of Security & Coziness for your pets as does the trough center, which they can snuggle down into! This safe feeling activates their Nervous System in a Positive Way, which allows your pet to Relax More Easily and Sleep More Soundly!

 PET-SAFE MATERIALS - Made from durable PP Cotton and luxurious faux fur, our pet bed is as practical as it is comfortable!  The material is Non-Toxic, so it is not only long-lasting but 100% Safe for your fur baby as well!

 MACHINE WASHABLE - The whole bed can be easily machine washed and dried, minimizing pet odors and excess hair! (Machine wash – gentle cycle. Tumble dry – low heat) or dry naturally.