Pet Hair Remover Roller


You have probably tried all types of pet hair and lint removal products. If you have a dog or cat, or any other pet that sheds its fur, then you'll know all about the fur or hair that gets left behind. Our magic Two-Way Reusable Pet Fur Remover will make the horrible task of cleaning fur and lint, a total breeze. The Two-way motion will pick up any type of fur many times faster than a traditional lint brush ever would.


Pet Hair and Lint Waste Compartment

By simply sliding the roller back and forth like you would a hand vacuum, all the pet hair gets collected inside for disposal later.

High-Quality Brush System

No need for sticky tapes, adhesive paper, batteries, or power source required. 

It gently removes pet fur and lint without harming your clothes and furniture.

100% reusable, eco-friendly, sturdy pet hair remover tool.