Pet Waterproof Rain Shoes


Item Type: Pet Shoes
Material: Elastic Cloth
Color: Red, Orange, Blue
Target Audience: Dogs
Dog Size:Medium,Large
Season: Winter

               Width               Length
XXS:       1.57"/4 cm,      2.17"/5.5 cm
XS:         1.69"/4.3 cm,    2.36"/6 cm
S:          1.93"/4.9 cm,     2.68"/6.8 cm
M:         2.17"/5.5 cm,     2.95"/7.5 cm
L:          2.36"/6 cm,        3.15"/8 cm
XL:        2.68"/6.8 cm,     3.35"/8.5 cm
XXL:      2.87"/7.3 cm,     3.94"/10 cm

1. Safe Bottom: the shoes adopt rubber to make the bottom, which is anti-skid and promises the safety of dogs when they go outdoors.

2. Warmth: in the winter, dogs also can feel the cold. To prevent being ill, it is necessary to wear clothes and shoes for them. Especially their claws, because their claws touch the cold grounds directly, and the shoes can give them the protection to help them keep warm.

3. Waterproof: on rainy days, waterproof boots can make the dogs keep dry and clean after traveling outdoor.

4. Multi-choice: there are several different bright colors, and you can choose one or more according to your thoughts and demands.

5. Easy: the shoes use magic stickers to open and close, which can make the job become easy and convenient, and you can save much time and effort.